Safeguarding Timeshare Owner's Rights


Is timeshare ownership still right for you?

The Timeshare Owners Alliance was started by a group of timeshare owners to locate and endorse timeshare exit companies that you can trust with a proven track record of terminating timeshare contracts. In addition, we work directly with owners to find a cost-effective way to get them out of their timeshare.

Our support group provides timeshare owners honest and dependable representation in the timeshare industry. Developers, resort managers and homeowner’s associations continue to ignore their vacation and financial requests. Owners are becoming more and more frustrated with increasing maintenance and exchange fees, missed vacations, lack of exchange availability, increasing ownership transfer fees, losses from upfront ownership cancellation fees scammed by irreparable outside companies plus losses from services paid for but not received.

We work for you. We will provide a detailed Owner/Property/Profile to analyze every detail of your ownership in any worldwide resort to find real solutions that will greatly reduce costs or optimize value. This Owner/Property/Profile (O/PP) includes the basic factors of evaluation needed to accurately determine cost. The profile includes the size of your timeshare, type, special assessment risk factor, consumer ratings; assessment verses rental ratios and current timeshare listings.

Our analysts will help you make the best financial decisions for the long term and guide you when crucial decisions about your ownership become difficult.

IMPORTANT: Owners must understand that there are always costs with deeded timeshare ownership. There were hidden costs when you bought it. There will be cost when you get out of. There are costs to keep it, to rent it, to sell it, to donate it, to give it away plus costs to liquidate it.

Time is of the essence! Owners need answers and they need them now. The Timeshare Owners Alliance offers our services to assist you in finding real answers and solutions regardless of your situation. Stop unwanted expenses or start taking better vacations. It’s your choice!


The key to our success is to have owners focused on preventing unlimited future costs, and not hoping to recoup past expenses.

Let's be honest...

You have 3 choices with your current timeshare:

What past owners are saying about Timeshare Owners Alliance...

Best choice I've ever made! I owned a nightmare timeshare and this company got me out! Forever! It was an easy process and released me from a BURDEN...that I don't have to deal with any longer.

– Raynaldo M.


My husband and I bought a timeshare, but the contract wasn't what we were told. Timeshare Owners Alliance gave us advice to get our contract cancelled. We are now on the way to correcting a big mistake.

– Wendy H.


My husband left me and the kids with a worthless timeshare. The company wouldn’t take it back, and it was impossible to sell. Timeshare Owners Alliance helped me and in three months I was free.

– Kelly L.

Now is the time to rethink your timeshare !