Safeguarding Timeshare Owner's Rights


The Timeshare Owners Alliance is a community of support for timeshare owners. Formed by a group of dedicated owners the alliance offers cost-free assistance for owners looking to optimize, sell, cancel, or exit their timeshare.

The Timeshare Owners Alliance works tirelessly to find honest and dependable companies that devote their time to analyze each owners situation to find honest answers and real solutions regardless of the owner's situation.

You may already be aware that today's owners need honest and dependable representation in the timeshare industry. Developers, resort managers and homeowner's associations continue to ignore owners vacation and financial requests. Owners are becoming more and more frustrated with increasing maintenance and exchange fees, missed vacations, lack of exchange availability, increasing ownership transfer fees, and losses from upfront payments to outside unethical transfer and resale companies. 

We are here for you.

Get the facts that matter. Each company endorsed by the Timeshare Owners Alliance works with resorts worldwide and is qualified to help you make the best financial decisions for the long term and guide you when crucial decisions about your ownership become difficult. 

Now is the time to rethink your timeshare!

NOTE: In compliance with the restrictions during this international pandemic, it is important to know that we take the time to meet with you privately one on one in our Carlsbad office. The key is to call us ASAP so we can find the best and safest way to discuss your situation with you.

We are in this together!
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