Safeguarding Timeshare Owner's Rights


The Timeshare Owners Alliance is a community of support for timeshare owners. It is an active group of current and former timeshare owners focused on endorsing timeshare exit companies that you can trust. In addition, the alliance works directly with owners looking for a cost-effctive way to optimize, sell, cancel, or exit their timeshare.

You may already be aware that today's owners need honest and dependable representation in the timeshare industry. Developers, resort managers and homeowner's associations continue to ignore owners vacation and financial requests. Owners are becoming more and more frustrated with increasing maintenance and exchange fees, missed vacations, lack of exchange availability, increasing ownership transfer fees, and losses from upfront payments to outside unethical transfer and resale companies. 

We are here for you.

Our biggest challenge is to help owners understand the severity of their situation; realize the endless negative impact on their family's finances and to help them understand the importance of taking immediate action.  

It is extremely important that owners understand that there are always costs with timeshare ownership regardless of what you do. There are costs to keep it, to rent it out, to sell it, to give it away, to donate it, plus there are costs to liquidate it.

Developers are making more and more difficult each year for owners to get out of their tmeshare. It is important that owners  take action ASAP to stop unlimited future costs and not wait hoping to recoup past expenses. The bottom lins is that at some point you will have to get out of your timeshare. If not now-when?

Now is the time to rethink your timeshare!

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