Safeguarding Timeshare Owner's Rights


  • Who benefits from timeshare cancellation?

  • Timeshare cancellation and termination services are for timeshare owners who:
    1. Are unable to use their timeshare

    2. Have been overwhelmed by unexpected increasing maintenance fees and special assessments

    3. Are worried about their loved ones inheriting their timeshare and all the fees that go along with it

    4. Have become increasingly frustrated with exchange companies

    5. Are widowed, divorced, or simply can no longer travel with their loved ones

    6. Don’t use their timeshare as much as they had initially intended

    7. Are no longer able to travel

    8. Have been overwhelmed by unexpected increasing maintenance fees and special assessments

  • What are the services of the Timeshare Owners Alliance?

  • We work for you. We strongly suggest that you request a Owner/Property/Profile to analyze every detail of your ownership in any worldwide resort to find real solutions that will greatly reduce costs or optimize value regardless of your situation.

  • Does my resort qualify for your service?

  • Not every resort qualifies. Special circumstances may apply.

  • It does NOT matter, however, if your timeshare is paid off or not.

  • It also does not matter if you are current on your maintenance fees and special assessments.
  • How do I get started?

  • Take the first step. Call our office. 760.712.7762

  • We will guide you step by step from there.

  •  Is there a fee for your services?

  • There is no fee if you are referred to us by a Timeshare Owners Alliance endorsed company. 

  • Can you help me sell my timeshare?

  • If you own a prime week in a highly demanded resort, it may have some residual value.

  • We will advise you how to sell, but we will not charge you for that advice.

  • If your timeshare has some value, be prepared to learn that its value is a small fraction of what you paid for it.

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