Safeguarding Timeshare Owner's Rights


Should you maximize the value of your timeshare?

Timeshare is a use product. The maximum value is from using it every year.


We will work with you to help you get more use out of your timeshare to optimize its value. There is something about using your home resort. Timeshare owners who own a fixed unit for a fixed week are guarnteed a week of vacation every year. They rarely consider exchanging their week.

Points owners, however, are finding it difficult to find any availability even at their home resort because their points do not guarantee them a vacation at thier home resort or even on an exchange.

For this reason, most points owners are faced with the unwanted challenges of trying to exchange their points. 

We recognize that exchanging a timeshare takes long term planning and patience. Prime exchange space has become increasingly difficult to find while exchange fees continue to climb. Most owners can’t find the space they want when they want it. We can show you how to get better vacation exchange results. 

As more and more of the prime exchange space is being converted to expensive rental space by the developers,  prime exchange space has become increasingly difficult to find. Meanwhile, the increasing exchange fees, membership fees and maintenance fees are continuing to  add up to a very expensive vacation. Lost weeks from missed vacations make each vacation even more expensive.

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