Safeguarding Timeshare Owner's Rights


Should you maximize the value of your timeshare?

Timeshare is a use product. The maximum value is from using it every year.


A week's ownership guarantees you a week of vacation every year at your home resort.

The challenge is to have your weeks owned or reserved to fit  your future vacation plans.

Points can be difficult to use at your home resort because points do not guarantee you a vacation at your home resort.

Most points owners attempt to exchange points. 

Prime exchange space has become increasingly difficult to find while exchange fees continue to climb. Most owners can’t find the space they want when they want it. Most points owners attempt to exchange points. 

In addition, more and more of the exchange space is being converted to expensive rental space. Increasing exchange fees, membership fees and maintenance fees all add up to an expensive vacation. Lost weeks from missed vacations also add to the overall increasing ownership expense

Now is the time to rethink your timeshare!

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